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Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Zoom Teeth Whitening 

This amazing result was achieved at Brickworks Dental using ZOOM teeth whitening Adelaide.

We use the best teeth whitening in Adelaide using dentist-grade ZOOM home whitening

Check below to see what this patient had to say about her experience!

What about

Teeth whitening Adelaide cost ?

The cost of Teeth Whitening Adelaide is suprisingly affordable!

It can potentially be free if you have private insurance – check the video to find out how!

Teeth Whitening Adelaide can mean so many things!

External or Internal teeth whitening Adelaide

Our preference is external to avoid elective root canals

Home or in-chair teeth whitening Adelaide

Our preference is home application as it has longer lasting results and less sensitivity

3D scanner or gooey moulds for take home teeth whitening Adelaide

We only use 3D scanners as they are more accurate and more comfortable than gooey moulds!

Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as the ingredient for teeth whitening Adelaide

We use the ZOOM teeth whitening formula which is hydrogen peroxide as it works best

Dentist grade or Consumer grade teeth whitening Adelaide

Dentist grade is a much higher concentration than non-dentist whitening (14% vs 6%) and so works much better

Blue light or no blue light for teeth whitening Adelaide

The blue light is a gimmick, it only generates heat which can dehyrdate your teeth, and burn your lips and gums

Steps to get teeth whitening Adelaide

It’s as easy 1, 2, 3, Smile


3D Scan

3D Scan of your teeth in 2 minutes
and no gooey moulds!



Next day pickup
of your 3D printed
teeth whitening trays



Apply dentist-only
ZOOM whitening gel at home
30min a day for 2 weeks



Show off your pearly whites!
Enjoy free topup gels if 
6 monthly cleans are maintained
That’s a lifetime of white teeth!


How to use the ZOOM teeth whitening

Video coming soon